Frequently Asked Questions

How does work?

We are a project of a dynamically developed list of game servers and voice servers. We support most servers from the most popular games. Our list offer an extensive system of statistics and banners for your project.

Is adding the server to the list is paid?

We will never charge you for adding a server to the list. Using our services is 100% free. There is also a possibility of paid server promotion.

I have a problem with adding my server to the list.

First, check that your server is turned on and the connection is not blocked by the system firewall. If your server is turned on, check if the IP address and port are correct. If you use a firewall, add our address to the white list. If the problem persists, contact us on the Discord server.

Why the votes disappear from my server?

Each vote for the server is automatically deleted after 30 days from the date it was added. We introduced this functionality to give new projects a chance to appear on our list.

Can I reward players for votes?

For Minecraft servers, you can add a key from the NuVotifier plugin by editing the server after adding it to our list. After sending the vote by the player and providing the correct nickname, he will receive the set prize on the server. The appropriate API for other games will be available soon.

How often is the list updated?

Our server list is updated approximately every 15 minutes. This process may take longer due to the speed of tasks performed and the current page load.

How often can I vote for the server?

You can vote for the server every 24 hours.

Have you created a server for your favorite game, but nobody knows about it yet? Add your fresh as a morning bread project to our game server list, then stand above the other servers in the ranking and take your server to a new level!