Origin Realms - Release 1.1.0 Echoes Of Darkness Update!

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#NicknameOnline time
1.LissekSzef01 days 10:53:35
2.Majlenkaa01 days 10:53:35
3.Awokado01 days 10:53:35
4.W3pjtek01 days 10:53:34
5.kocurekwns01 days 10:53:34
6.VRS01 days 10:53:34
7.Knut01 days 10:53:34
8.Kioto01 days 10:53:34
9.SonarLuna01 days 10:53:34
10.AxlStripp01 days 10:53:34


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What is Origin Realms?

Origin Realms is a Minecraft: Java Edition server that aims to enhance and expand upon vanilla gameplay. Our goal is to take what people love about Minecraft survival and give it new life with custom blocks, new biomes, detailed characters, dungeons and much more! Whether you are building up your base, exploring vast resource worlds or completing in-depth quests, we have something for everyone here on Origin Realms!



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