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2 years ago


2 months ago




No. 1148
Top 10 players
#NicknameOnline time
1.xXCll4udia10 days 10:32:34
2.Domes707 days 00:27:04
3.00rshix05 days 18:22:45
4.dexi8705 days 14:50:56
5.xXK4sza105 days 13:42:24
6.Kondziu12305 days 02:03:15
7.Majavlogix04 days 18:55:20
8.Jagodowa04 days 16:09:06
9.Hiroshi_Hayata04 days 13:00:48
10.Gazela04 days 12:58:07


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Server description

IP serwera: Graczemc.pl

Wersja serwera: 1.9 - 1.16.4

Tryb serwera: Survival + Działki

Autoryzacja serwera: Non premium + premium

Sklep serwera: http://graczemc.pl/

Discord serwera: https://discord.gg/zq4Stsq



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