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Online players
Rank Nickname Score Online time
1. Demolka.Net 0 18:08:42
Top 10 players
Rank Nickname Online time
1. Demolka.Net 06 days 03:30:02
2. ultimo101 01 days 21:56:23
3. -=Sh0rTy=- 01 days 20:45:31
4. -|NoS|- 01 days 20:12:35
5. [SMUT]DarkDruid 01 days 20:11:07
6. .e7`~Silent 01 days 18:40:50
7. thesofafox 01 days 18:13:41
8. INEOIVulture 01 days 16:02:26
9. sk8_sam_101 01 days 15:26:07
10. bob 01 days 14:39:08
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30 days 14.00 PLN

Server description

❌ No zombie and human classes

❌ No custom, models, weapons, sounds and extra items from space

❌ No VIP's, Premiums or any Specjals

❌ No Ammo Packs and Banks

❌ No Jetpack+Bazooka

❌ No thousand of HUD and chat information

✔️ Basics maps like de_ cs_ and some oldschools

✔️ Full darkness maps (Use flashlight or buy some flares)

✔️ Dark, scare and bloody content

✔️ Dynamic playstyle with killing zombies or eating brains

✔️ Clean HUD and chat information


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